Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is Jerry's livelihood. He has lived a lifetime striving to hold strong to two fundamental concepts – “When you are green, you grow. When you are ripe you rot”, and “If yur in it, yur not agin it”. Noted for building successful teams, mentoring young professionals from entry level technicians to directors, vice presidents and beyond, his participative style in all avenues of his life have given rise to his need to see deeper into the inner self. Church service allowed him the opportunity to develop and practice what husbands and fathers all yearn to perfect – patience and understanding.

Throughout the path to attain what our society would typically define as successful (more money but less time to enjoy it), Jerry found a lacking utilization of the gifts experienced during his early years with a loving mother and an accomplished father. The quest to understand more about the inner self and his deeper thoughts, he developed, through helping others and being helped, an intense yearning to comprehend the blind male behavior that frustrates our relationships (personal and professional), blocks meaningful communication, prevents us from accepting an awareness of our true inner self and achieving those things in life WE REALLY WANT by properly defining and dealing with – needs, thoughts, instincts, and intuition.

His drive was, and continues everyday to come closer to life’s purpose through a clear comprehension and the spiritual character that gets us up in the morning, makes us smile during the day, and be able to greet the evening with a sigh of another day well spent. To do this, we must attract and master the God-given gift women know so well and men fail to acknowledge – intuition - and accept without frustration our instinctual and social biased pre-thoughts.  Believe it and it will come true.  You will get what you ask for if you are sincere and committed to the process.  Unfortunately, it typically takes a cheerleader to keep you driving toward your path instead of getting side tracked by day to day variables.  Jerry loves to see the success in others and would love to see yours come true as well.
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