Jerry Dalfors has spent a lifetime in leadership positions professionally and ecclesiastically.   Teaching, mentoring, counseling, and coaching are his primary nature. Education in the biological sciences, engineering, business, and statistics created an analytical bias cross-grain to his intuitive, emotional, instinctive inner self. He is an accomplished outdoorsman, having been raised in rural Wyoming. Having been weaned in the Wind River Mountains has given him the natural love and connection with the wilderness few professionals can acclaim. Those early beginnings galvanized a sense of kinship with the energy and spirit found in the fresh mornings on horseback amongst boulders powerful beyond description, fresh waters typically experienced only in TV commercials, and lush pines that are home to nature’s most precious creatures.

The world drew him egotistically into the lure most men encounter – to be better than the next guy. Not sincerely competitive by nature, Jerry became his own biggest rival, seeking to master all he encountered. An accomplished ferrier, handball and racquetball player, church leader, father, scoutmaster, educator, and professionally renowned, he found his greatest pleasures came and continue to come from seeing growth and success in others.  These unique attributes of constantly looking for the deeper meaning have earned him the descriptive title – The Red Tree in a Green Forest.


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